baby (plural babies)

  1. A very young human being, from birth to a couple of years old.
  2. Any very young animal, especially a vertebrate; many species have specific names for their babies, such as kittens for the babies of cats, puppies for the babies of dogs, and chicks for the babies of birds. See Baby animals for more.
  3. A person who is immature or infantile.
    Stand up for yourself - don"t be such a baby!
  4. A term of endearment for a girlfriend or boyfriend.
  5. (informal) A form of address to a man or a woman considered to be attractive.
    Hey baby, what are you doing later?
  6. A pet project or responsibility.
    The annual report has been my baby since September.
  7. The lastborn of a family; a benjamin.


  • (young human being): babe, infant
  • (immature or infantile person): big baby
  • (term of endearment): love

4 letters in word "baby": A B B Y.

No anagrams for baby found in this word list.

Words found within baby:

ab abb aby ay ba bay by ya

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